Traveling Mercies + Reuniting Immigrant Families

Photo by Neilson Hubbard

Photo by Neilson Hubbard

Dear friends-- For the past year I've been quietly releasing all my new songs on an amazing platform called Patreon. If you join, you pledge a small amount each month. In turn, you get updates from the road, a new song or video every month, and you help sustain my career.

I dream that my music will serve a bigger and higher purpose than just me. That's why every quarter, I pick a charity and donate all my Patreon proceeds to that cause. This month, I'm donating to help families that have been separated at the border and I'm sharing the title track from my new record. 

"Traveling Mercies" is dedicated to all the families crossing uncertain seas, rivers and borderlands with no promise of a safe return. It's a blessing and a prayer-- one we all whisper when we send a child or a loved out into the world. I hope it can remind us of how vulnerable love makes us. We all have that in common, no matter our nationality. May we be careful with and kind to those who seek our help.  🙏


Link to song:


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